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Songwring contest

"I would like to thank the musicians who worked on the song. It is truly unbelievable. I've had the chance to let quite a few people hear the song and they are quite impressed."
- P.R., Canada

I got the two songs back and just listened to them. I love them both-can't decide which one I like better. NSS did a great job.
- R.T., Kentucky

"Every one that has listened to the songs you did are so impressed! Have a great day."
- M.M., Pennsylvania

songwriters, lyric and poetry writers

What do Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, George Jones, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw, and Martina McBride have in common? They all sing great songs!

The Nashville music industry is well aware of the fact that behind every hit artist are great songs. Furthermore, most songs are not written by the artists who sing them, but by outside writers like you. Even though the general public may not know who writes the songs they listen to on the radio, the writers can make up to $500,000.00 - or even $1,000,000.00 on a smash hit.

I bet you've listened to the radio and said, "I write lyrics as good as what I'm hearing". You may be right, but unless you have a way of setting your words to music, producing a professional demo, and getting the right people to hear your song, no one will ever hear it.

Let's talk about the facts. You cannot pitch a song to a recording artist with lyrics only. Music and melody are just as important to the success of a song as the lyrics are. The melody of a song needs to be as strong or stronger than the lyrics in order to create a structure for the lyrics to exist. Our writers are professionals who know how to craft great melodies in the style of what gets cut today. Before you try co-writing with a "friend" who claims to know how to write a melody, submit your lyrics or song poems to us for an evaluation. We just might be interested in co-writing with you.

Despite what you've heard, demos that are pitched and get cut in Nashville are highly professional. Think about it, if you were to go to Coca-Cola with a marketing plan and had your ideas scratched on a piece of paper you'd get laughed out the door. In fact you probably wouldn't even get in the door. The country music industry is a billion dollar business and needs to be approached as such. Your presentation to the business needs to be professional in order to be taken seriously.

There are a lot of factors that go into producing a great demo - quality studio musicians and singers, a great recording facility, and a production team (producer, engineer, and arranger) that can bring a song to life. The Nashville Song Service studio and production team are second to none and regularly get hired by record labels and publishing companies to produce great recordings. We also have access to the best musicians and singers in the world. The guitar player on your demo could be playing on the next George Strait tour - or the singer on your song could be the next superstar.

As an independent songwriter you are responsible for covering all of the costs for producing a professional recording. If you are signed to a publishing company you will have to live in Nashville and may have the cost of your demos covered but will sacrifice all of the rights to your songs. If you choose to produce your own demos you could spend thousands of dollars and still end up with a product that is un-pitchable. Nashville Song Service is connected to all aspects of the recording process and we produce recordings the way the music industry likes to hear them. We do not charge for co-writing or studio time but ask that our writers cover the cost of the studio musicians and singers we need to hire for the recording. This makes getting a great recording extremely affordable and assures us that our writers are serious about their goals.

As the songwriting business is very competitive, we choose to work with only the best submissions. For a free evaluation of your lyrics or songs, please visit our Submissions page to find out more.