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I received my CD today and I can't tell you how pleased I am with it. I have called everyone I know and played it for them over the phone including my contacts in Scotland, Australia, Cyprus, England, France, and Canada. You have my appreciation and I really can't thank you enough. God bless.
- L.M., Texas

Just a quick note to further our earlier conversation of today. I mentioned to you that I contacted several music companies via phone before I contacted NSS. The point I wanted to make was that everyone was very nice including you. I think that speaks highly of the people in Nashville, being such a fast-paced, competitive city. I don't know of all the competition you have in this field but I do know that your company does excellent work. The music that you write is absolutely the very best. I am familiar with _____ and they are no competition for NSS and _____ has an old sound and is into promoting himself. My latest song is AWESOME!!! It really rocks. I love it!
- C.T., North Carolina

Received my song in the mail yesterday. It is spectacular. The vocal is beautiful. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the song and will work with you again in the future.
S.H., Pennsylvania

Behind every hit artist is a hit song. This saying has become a mainstay in the music business since it's inception. Great songs help to showcase a singers voice by inducing emotion, creating style, and increasing marketability. Nashville Song Service knows the importance of matching a great singer with the right songs.

Getting a record deal is certainly something most serious singers aspire toward. Unfortunately there are a lot of singers trying and only a few "slots" to fill. Having a professional package is key to grabbing the interest of a record label. This includes a professionally recorded demo, professional photos, a biography, and any write up's or newspaper clippings. It is also extremely helpful to have a music video and website. Of course it is imperative to have professional representation as the music industry does not accept unsolicited material.


Finding the right songs is crucial for showcasing a singers style, emotion, range, and technique. This can seem like an impossible task without the right connections to great songs and songwriters. Singers who claim to write songs often fall short simply because they have spent their time developing their voice and stage presence and not on writing great songs. Furthermore getting a friend or band member to write songs for you can be frustrating and leave you wondering why industry doors still remain shut.

The music industry does not want to sign a new artist in hopes of finding that magical song that will skyrocket them to stardom. They want to be presented with the package already in place - a great voice singing a great song. Nashville Song Service currently has a large catalogue of professionally written songs in the modern and traditional country styles. We encourage country singers to contact us and discuss your direction as an artist so we may assist you in the advancement of your career.

It is helpful for us to see a picture and hear a sample of your voice. You can do this by submitting a tape or CD along with a picture and short bio via postal mail or by submitting a URL for a website. For more information please visit our Submissions page.